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URBAN on Windoor-Tech 2015
Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:29

The line of business of window frames could be a participant in an event of the great format, which is a trade fair BUDMA-WINDOORTECH in Poznań yet again.

U-R-B-A-N Polska sets development and perfection
Friday, 17 October 2014 09:01

Wanting to meet the still growing our customers' requirements the company URBAN Polska undertook investment in the second hall, designed for the finished products storage.

U-R-B-A-N: The improvement of the manual copy-routers for aluminium and PVC and for the windows and doors made of steel
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:33

An alternative for the CNC machining centers for the machining doors and windows, made of PVC, aluminium and steel, are the manual copy-routers, which can perform similar operations a little bit slower than the machines managed by PC, by keeping the high quality of the machinings. The machines of this type introduce such an advantage  for many  factories, that first of all they are much cheaper, secondly they don't require qualified constructors or designers and thirdly they don't require expensive construction programs for the designing of the machinings. The are a compromise between price and capacity in reference to machines and devices, managed by CNC.

Monday, 02 March 2015 16:03

Since March of this year the company URBAN POLSKA offers to its customers the new innovative  program of the welding-cleaning lines. An accompanying idea to creation of this new machines program combines the guaranteed production cycle of 60, 90 or  120 seconds by using of an innovative system of encompassing spring guides, giving an excellent visual effect as a result. The  tops  of the welding machine have knives for  bead limiting  at an external visible  profile side, they immediately eliminate the molten weld at the frames and  sashes, beginning from half-face trough an external face and haunch or roundness, they reduce the bead's width to minimum. The effect is a beauty design of the corner, especially within a half-face, it posed an important enough problem so far. The half-face was either cleaned by means of milling disc cutter or knife, but it did not bring a fully satisfying result. Now thanks to the encompassing guides it is possible to obtain an excellent result along a whole external part of the profile.


Spółka URBAN POLSKA została wyróżniona prestiżowym tytułem "Gepard Biznesu 2013"
Thursday, 09 October 2014 11:14

Spółka URBAN POLSKA została wyróżniona prestiżowym tytułem "Gepard Biznesu 2013"

Po raz kolejny otrzymaliśmy gratulacje od Instytutu Nowoczesnego Biznesu i Magazynu Przedsiębiorców "Europejska Firma" za sukces odniesiony w biznesie.


The total machines program for aluminium
Friday, 18 July 2014 10:33

The total machines program for aluminium


An increasing distinct trend in the production of aluminium windows and an increase of expenditures on modernisation of machine park for the production this type of  windows are visible  over a few late years, therefore the company URBAN Polska put the next new machining center for aluminium on the domestic market. The Center MC 400 A should be a TOP product well-known machine manufacturer's – the company PERTICI, which is recognized all over the world, mainly due to its cutting center SC 55, which was sold at the amount of  over 260 pieces.


The machining center MC 400 A is designed for the  medium-sized businesses, which prize a high precision and a big working flexibility. As a standard version the machine is equipped with 4 axis, controlled  by CNC for the machining at five surfaces by means of  standard tools as well as angular heads or disc milling cutter for the trimming the profiles' end. The machine was build  both for machining the aluminium, steel and PVC profiles with steel reinforcements – mainly door profiles with cooling system for the tools by means of cold air – an invention and patent of the american company Vortec.  The machine’s drive  is equipped with an excellent motor with an adjustable number of rotations up to 24.000 per minute. Thanks to placing the linear storage for eight tools on the machine's central point, their replacement can be performed quickly and without any problems with maximal limit of empty routes. The fourth axe of the machine is the turning bed by means of which a profile is turned  at the range of -90º - +90º and the profiles are fitted by means of four or more pneumatic clamps, automatically adjusted and controlled by CNC and they are integrated with 3D display. A special emphasis is put on a stable and strong machine's construction, which will ensure a precise machining of the profile and with no breakdowns for many years. The bed, on which  the machining unit moves, is massive and stable and thanks to flat linear guides the machining quality meets the highest standards. The operateur’s interface has screen 17'' LCD with 3D visualisation preview.  As a standard the machine has the Ethernet connection (for the office network) and USB input to  data importing from an external data carrier. Two zero points on the left and right allow  save  place in the hall and machine any profiles' lengths, even up to 8 metres.  Both zero points are controlled by CNC and they are automatically removed from the working area after starting of the machine. To make machine operation and programming machinings easier  - the center is delivered with two programs (licence) to the customers, which allow operate the machine in the hall and prepare the machinings at the office. The functions, which the machine can perform are: drilling, milling, tapping, trimming and formdrill at five working surfaces. In order to ensure the highest standards of  work safety, the machining center has a protective cabine with a lowered cover, which has passages at the both sides to place the over-dimensions profiles. The machining program of the machine is created on the Windows basis in polish language and  it is  user-friendly, similarly to the SC 55 program and apart from an intuitive menu with touch-choice of particular  functions it has a row of the most popular macros for the mostly used machinings with an easy possibility to modify them and save. Thanks to that the time for  programming the machinings is reduced to minimum. Apart from own 3 D program the machine has a possibility to cooperate with the all known polish programs, managing the machines of such a type.


For smaller enterprises, mainly for the window and door production we have on our offer a similar machine, but with 3 axis, with four automatic clamps with the working length of 3000 mm, with a fixed working bed and an angular head and 5-positions storage with the holders and tools.


For the demanding customers, expecting „all from one hand” we can offer the program of PERTICI's professional cutting machines for aluminium both one-head and two-headmachines with the saw blades over 600 mm.


The cutting machine 600 TSE is double-head cutting machine with an electronic tilting of the cutting heads, managed by CN at the range of 20° outside  - 45° inside, with the saw blades of 600 mm, with strong 3 kW motors. The length measurement is read from the magnetic strip and the angles adjustment is performed fluently at a full range. It is equipped with vertical and horizontal pneumatic clamps and with movable horizontal roller conveyor for a stable fitting the profiles.  PC is on the Windows basis with the network interface card for On-line connection and the label printer. The saw machine measures and puts correction of the profile hight in case of need each time in order to ensure the highest precision of the cutting.


The cutting machine CMP 65 is one-head cutting machine with the saw blade of 650 mm at the bottom, it is managed by CN at the range of 22,50° on the left up to 22,50° on the right at the horizontal axis and 90° - 30° at the vertical axis as well. Two vertical clamps and two horizontal clamps are included in the standard version and the feed of the saw blade is hydro-pneumatic. The motor with the power of 5,5 kW is on the Windows basis, with the network interface card for On-line connection. The cutting machine is  mainly built for the cutting the constructions of the special rafter posts, the constructions of winter gardens and window and door of HS type.


Furthermore you will find on our offer the facade cutting machines, crimping machines for aluminium, milling machines for the posts, copy-routers, tables and assembly presses, trolleys and professional tools for the machining aluminium.


All the persons interested in  machines program for aluminium can contact with our Sales Department under the phone number + 48 68 478 78 00 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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