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NEWS U-R-B-A-N: The improvement of the manual copy-routers for aluminium and PVC and for the windows and doors made of steel
U-R-B-A-N: The improvement of the manual copy-routers for aluminium and PVC and for the windows and doors made of steel
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:33

An alternative for the CNC machining centers for the machining doors and windows, made of PVC, aluminium and steel, are the manual copy-routers, which can perform similar operations a little bit slower than the machines managed by PC, by keeping the high quality of the machinings. The machines of this type introduce such an advantage  for many  factories, that first of all they are much cheaper, secondly they don't require qualified constructors or designers and thirdly they don't require expensive construction programs for the designing of the machinings. The are a compromise between price and capacity in reference to machines and devices, managed by CNC.

As the quick enough development of the profiles, made of plastic, aluminium and steel in terms of their sections occured recently, therefore the development of the machines and devices should keep up with the changes. Therefore the company URBAN introduced to its offer the new improved products  range for PVC, aluminium and steel. A special attention should be paid to another generation of copy-routers, well-known on the market line of A20. We offer a machine A22 for the machining of the profiles with big sections, for aluminium A32 and for steel A45 with a new type of the roller conveyors with the end stops for the fixing of machining hight. The milling spindle is at a suitable height from the table's top both on the first and on the second machine, that allow to machine the profiles by means of one fixing both from outside and inside of the milling unit, as the machine consists of horizontal and vertical milling unit, to perform the machinings from the both sides for the inserted profiles. Additionally due to the fact that, the machine was equipped with additional horizontal motor  - a casement bolt can be milled by means of a suitable milling cutter with Q of 10, 16, 18 or 20 mm during the same fitting. The holes, prepared previously for the most performed millings and the copy pin with four diameters (5-6-8-10 mm) are located on the copy-router's template. An additional improvement of the machine is a special system for a safe and stable profiles fitting, adapted to a suitable profile system, sent at customer's request. As a measurement system the machine is equipped with the profiles feeders – left and right – consisting of a support for an end stop, on which is a milimeter scale, which allows to position the side stops with a reference to the machine center both from the left side and the right side. It is delivered with 12 (6 + 6) stops with the length from 300 mm to 1.250, 2.250 or 2.750 mm.

Furthermore you will find on our offer the CNC machining centers, cutting machines for facades, crimping machines for aluminium, milling machines for the posts, assembly tables and mounting presses, trolleys and professional tools for the machining aluminium.




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