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NEWS The innovative technologies in the ALSECCO's factory thanks to realization by URBAN POLSKA
The innovative technologies in the ALSECCO's factory thanks to realization by URBAN POLSKA
Friday, 07 August 2015 12:52

For more than 18 years operating on the market the manufacturer  of window frames, Alsecco from Nysa carried out a multimillion investition in modernizing of factory and products together with Urban Polska yet again.


Thanks to this investition  16 welding-cleaning lines Germans company's URBAN work already in the factory at Nysa Kłodzka, including 5 lines with the “butt-welding” technology for a post. The factory invested in the most modern Schirmer's cutting-machining centers yet again, from which each, and there are four centers, works with over 200 profiles in three systems (SALAMANDER, VEKA and KBE), with the capacity of 360 windows per shift! The innovation are the profile milling units, which mill a seal, posts and  profiles for the welding in the system of wood-based windows of PVC. The factory has a storage to store the profiles for 620 palettes with the profiles and the receiving stations, controlled by PC, which automatically take and give the profiles for the center to be cut by a command from the operateur  Schirmer’s cutting-machining center.  Apart from German machines the company Urban delivered its own logistic systems, manufactured completely in the factory in Żary in Poland. These systems allow a flexible and linear production flow at the welding and cleaning with the stops for frames, sashes fitting, connecting the frames with sashes, glazing, storaging, and sorting the finished products and at the previous stages -  the semi-finished products. Thanks to carrying out of this investition the factory's capacities raised nearly to 2.500 windows per shift in single-shift system. The Alsecco's production area amounts currently 25.000 m2.

The Alsecco's Chairman Mr. Mariusz Zając answers the questions concerning the new investition.

Why did you decide to put trust in the company URBAN POLSKA yet again?

URBAN and SCHIRMER  are  the well-known machines' names all over the world. We are satisfied with the cooperation with URBAN POLSKA, because we can rely on complex service, beginning from the project through its complete execution. A flexible attitude to the creation of units after cleaning is an excellent idea, because it posed an essential enough problem until lately. We don't imagine the work without some devices, delivered by URBAN POLSKA  - we mean especially a storage for sorting  the finished products, designed and made by URBAN POLSKA.


Is there anything else that was a reason for the choice concerning machines supplier?

If anyone thinks of good, reliable machines and stable, long standing cooperation with the supplier with a big experience,  places value on enormous knowledge and thinking flexibility, from which he is going to take  opportunities, I really recommend URBAN. URBAN had and still has excellent ideas and innovative solutions, both when I manufactured 100 windows daily and  now, when over 2.500 pieces are manufactured daily.


The author of the article is oknonet.pl


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