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NEWS PETECKI equips factories with the machines from URBAN POLSKA
PETECKI equips factories with the machines from URBAN POLSKA
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 14:47

The Petecki  Group, the manufacturer of  the window frames with an experience of twenty years, introduces consistently the modern technologies and production solutions. Having an aim - a development of innovation and the creation of pioneering solutions in the field of windows and doors construction, the Petecki Group decided on a modern equipment of the well-known supplier of  machines and devices – URBAN Polska.

The main profile of the business activity of the company URBAN Polska is based on the sale of machines and devices for the production of the windows made of PVC, aluminium and steel.  They are predominantly the German partners’ technologies, which name and reputation are well-known and respected for years all over the world.


The Petecki Group invested in six modern welding-cleaning lines for the factories in Łask, Gostynin and Chrapczew. The new lines were equipped with the specialist tools for the machining profiles corners, allowing to achieve the highest quality of the conventional welding-cleaning lines, available on the market currently. Furthermore the factories were equipped with the seal milling machines of the type DFM-CNC for the Veka, Brügmann, Salamander and Rehau profiles, manufactured in Żary.


By the cooperation with the company URBAN Polska the Petecki Group builds another  pillar of the innovation,  translating into the improvement of the products quality. By the creation and keeping the highest quality standards, which become a norm and not only the value, the Petecki Group strengthens the  estimation of  its own name as a trustworthy partner – explain the representatives of the Petecki Group.



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