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NEWS URBAN POLSKA and EKO OKNA – the biggest contract in the history of both companies was signatured!
URBAN POLSKA and EKO OKNA – the biggest contract in the history of both companies was signatured!
Friday, 13 November 2015 08:20

On October of the year 2015 the companies URBAN Polska and EKO-OKNA signatured a historical contract for the delivery of the most innovative machines for the production of PVC windows on the market. For both companies it is the biggest contract, which was ever signatured and one of the biggest on the machines market in Poland as well.


The delivery and installation concern professional machines and equipments, prepared for the production of all types of windows, met on different European markets, among them so specific windows, appearing in Great Britain, Switzerland, France and Holland. The machines will make possible to produce the PVC windows in the HFL system and the windows of monoblock profiles.

Each of the ordered machines for cutting and machining the PVC profiles should take up surface of ca. 400 square metres  and, as  the Urban Polska informs, they will be the quickest and the biggest machines, met in the window line of business  all over the world.

The full automation of the cutting cycle and machinings with a high capacity should take place by means of operating by only two operateurs and machining linear cycle and cutting should make, that the profiles will be cut at an suitable angle, they will be milled and drilled, with a cut, pad,  middle seal on the connecting place of the frames with posts, the posts will be milled, the steel reinforcement screwed and the frames elements fitted.

In addition the machines of the SCHIRMER company  will be mill a profiles for the fixing on the drip's frame  and for a special machining of the post (so-called „Swiss”). Only on the one machine there will be located 8 drill-drivers for the reinforcement, 24 milling cutters for the milling of the posts, typical milling machinings for HFL, Dutsch monoblocks and seals and 8 hooks automatically fitted as well.  The total length of  one machine should amount 63 metres.

Both companies are very satisfied from the signatured contract, because ist will be the reference enterprise in Europe and one of the most innovative all over the world. The machines manufactured by URBAN POLSKA at its  headquarters in Żary will be the replenishment of the delivery as well – among other things the new project of glazing machines for the monoblock profiles with a window sill at the bottom and for the standard windows with  big dimensions and many more interesting solusions at the range of widen meant production logistik.

In order to meet the high customers' requirements  on the European markets it should be produced quickly, flexible and with excellent quality! - such a motto shines to the both sides during creation a comprehensive,  innovative production line of the PVC windows for their different, specific constructions.


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