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Friday, 01 April 2016 11:00

This year's edition of the international fair in Nuremberg FENSTERBAU FRONTALE bounced a positive echo on the image of Urban.


Particular emphasis we decided to put the safety of production processes, efficient management of production flow and innovative logistics solutions. Due to the fact that the window manufacturers pay more attention to the aesthetic aspect of the corners, we offer fair she was controlled by a servo-axes, having a bumper inner welding machine, which easily can meet these expectations.
Becomes a more and more popular, and the effect of which windows are an extremely attractive design - welding technology in the system of double-HFL'a, was the reason that led us to present you with a special welding machine.
Here, the inventors have used Urbana mutual welding pioneered HFL, where until now this type of sealing was possible only from one side.
During the fair, we had the opportunity to present to you the different technology of welding, namely welding in new technologies Q-Form, which results in the highest quality welds with maximum machine performance, low-cost operation of the line and its reasonable price. Thanks to special guides with knives limiting flash has the circumference of the profile we achieve the highest quality corners with a very thin, invisible seal.
Apt move in customer tastes turned out to be present in two-head cleaner, which is dedicated to high-speed processing of window frames. Meaningfully and systematically assigned tools and freely programmable CNC control based on Windows provide a short run times.An important technological improvement Urbana, weighing on the ability to adapt the selected bars of the time, it was called. the "Speed", used in a highly advanced production line, consisting of welding and cleaner numeric here also expanded yet palette of special units where there is the possibility of multiple reinforcement to 26 individual tools and work lines in 60, 90 or 120 seconds to 1 element window.
Great technological progress has been applied in the center of the cutting and machining for PVC-SCHIRMER, 8-axis module "ORBIT", which allows the simultaneous bilateral machining profiles. Two modules 4 linear axis crescent shape mounted on the two engines, so that it is possible to achieve any position of the drilling and milling in the range of 0 ° to 360 °.
Ongoing decades striving for perfection in quality and always a combination of innovative ideas, along with the philosophy of individual approach to the customer, are decisive advantages when introducing new products and improving those already present on the market. Urbana Customers can be assured that their partner and consultant in the field of machines offer them only mature solutions and this is our key to success and a recipe for gaining increasingly wider range of customers.



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