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NEWS Successful fairs!!
Successful fairs!!
Friday, 17 February 2017 13:14

This year's edition of the International Windoor-Tech 2017 Building Fair in Poznań can be counted among the successful ones.

During the four days we were accompanied by a wide circle of our regular customers, and also to our positive surprise a number of new companies, interested in starting the production of window frames. On the exhibition stand of 300 m² we had the opportunity to present the latest technology of PVC window construction. The latest and more efficient and most importantly more versatile, for example, the combination of non-spliced ​​welding with traditional welding and even more difficult with fast welding in the bar so-called. Min. With 2 point head cleaning machine with freely programmable welding and cleaning parameters on servomotors. The advantage of this line is - firstly - the performance - secondly - the possibility of on-line processing such as drilling hinges within, milling under pistons and monostulp, and the possibility of flexible welding ie the possibility of welding the traditional frame with the width of the spout 2, 0 or 0.2 mm and no-fly method, because so many customers want to weld! All this is possible with the VARIO-CUT welding and cleaning line with milling unit patented by URBAN Maschinenbau Germany.

For some time we have also seen an increasing interest in logistic systems after welding and cleaning, so we have shown some of our devices that are of interest to customers and are most frequently asked: two spindle CNC milling machine, horizontal and vertical table for roller shutters and very large Interesting assembly table for heavy joinery type HS, HST, PSK, CS, balcony and terrace doors, etc ...

As more and more manufacturers want to produce unshielded windows requiring great accuracy and precision in cutting, precision angles and performance, the Schirmer cutting and finishing center has been launched with a new, faster and more flexible 8-axis machining module named "ORBIT"! This year, customers have the choice of the Schirmer machine with the traditional 6-axis G-type or the new 8-axis ORBIT! The fastest of this type of machine cuts and processes over 3200 changes of profiles!

Our representatives are at your disposal and will provide you with information about these and other machines and equipment you will be interested in.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who have visited us and who have been with us for years and those who have just started or will start working with us. We also invite you to our stand during the Fensterbau Frontale 2018 in Nuremberg.

URBAN Poland team.





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