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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 08:37

This year's edition of the international trade fair under the name: FRONTALE FENSTERBAU 2018 in Nuremberg had a very positive impact on the image of Urban Polska.

For the first time, our company promoted its products at its own - independent stand URBAN POLSKA-Made in Poland.

The novelty presented during the Fair was a two-spindle CNC P-DFM 202/4 gasket milling machine, as well as a table for heavy P-SMHS 7000 joinery. The products enjoyed a great appreciation, as evidenced by the fact that we signed several orders for these and other machines. The URBAN Polska company also showed a tilting table for installing  blinds P-SMTE, and a P-KVR 3200HP glazing and inspection press. Our products have enjoyed great recognition among our trading partners as well as direct customers from around the world. Our Polish technical solutions as well as the quality of performance of all products in relation to the products of our competitors have been appreciated.

On the other hand, U-R-B-A-N officially introduced for the first time the newest Multifunctional Welder AKS 9610 CUT known in Poland as Q-FORM PREMIUM - welded, among other things, without water, but also with conventional welding, 2 mm, 0.2 mm or according to customer expectations. Currently, U-R-B-A-N has orders for 30 pieces of this type of machinery, of which 4 will go to Poland.

One of our largest business partners - the Schirmer company - presented this year a Machining Center - cutting with an 8-axis "Orbit" module and an increasingly popular high-performance Machining and Cutting Center for Aluminum - ALU BAZ designed for large professional aluminum joinery manufacturers. Currently, there are over 40 such centers in Europe.

In addition, we would like to thank all our clients, supporters and visitors for meetings, talks and visits.


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