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NEWS Windoor-tech 2019 is a success!
Windoor-tech 2019 is a success!
Tuesday, 02 April 2019 13:22

PFor four days, the area of ​​the Poznań International Fair turned into a colorful festival of solutions for the construction industry.



The aluminum constructions market is developing dynamically, forcing manufacturers to increase efficiency and invest in modern machinery. The automation trend of this industry is also strong. This time we have shown an advanced solution for producers in this industry. The Alu-Baz Orbit - C cutting and machining center, made by Schirmer, has a solid construction and a set of tools in a closed housing, protecting against noise. The loading magazine holds about 10 profiles with a maximum length of 7 m. The profiles are automatically positioned and downloaded to the tool section. The six-axis "Orbit-C" machining station is equipped with two milling spindles that can process the profile all around. It has an automatic tool changer, a tool control function and cooling devices. "SUA" complete cutting unit, four-axis, with a maximum diameter of 45 ° to 135 °. It can cut profiles into points, into sections and "V".

The center is equipped with a receiving station with a belt and numerical conveyor controlled by grippers for transporting profiles. In addition, it has an automatic label printer and a waste transport system. The machining and cutting center is controlled via the factory network. Alu-Baz Orbit-C is the perfect solution for automating the processing of aluminum profiles. The modular concept of Schirmer allows the expansion of existing systems with additional modules.

At our stand we also showed machines for the production of PVC joinery. The attention of visitors was particularly drawn to the line, consisting of a four-head AKS 6600 / X-40/30 welder, horizontal transport table and SV 530/4 corner cleaner with a turning station.

Manufacturers of PVC joinery with another interest also viewed another machine - a double-spindle CNC milling machine Type P-DFM 202/4. The execution of appropriate cutters at the ends of PVC profiles before welding them eliminates the risk of hardening and deformation of the seals in the connection zone. The P-DFM 202/4 milling machine mills 4 profiles in one cycle. This is its great advantage, because other solutions known on the market allow to mill only two profiles at the same time.

At WinDoor-tech 2019 we also presented a fitting station and assembly tables for various applications. In addition, you could see an HFL window that looks like wooden. Frame corners and wings are welded in such a way that the visible weld line is at an angle of 90 ° instead of 45 ° as in a traditional weld.



Source: oknonet, Forum Branżowe


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