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NEWS DOBROPLAST automates the process of cutting and machining profiles from URBAN POLSKA
DOBROPLAST automates the process of cutting and machining profiles from URBAN POLSKA
Monday, 29 July 2019 08:38

URBAN POLSKA has delivered another large Schirmer machine with very high efficiency, which is operated by only two operators.

The machining and cutting center consists of several smaller cutting and machining centers that perform the following operations on PVC profiles: machining in PVC on an 8-axis module, cutting the rebate and central gasket for fixed posts, cutting the profiles with a three-disk cutting center, double-sided , independent milling of posts (in production) and gaskets on 3-axis milling modules, loading of steel reinforcements and screwing of reinforcements with PVC profiles using three electric screwdrivers, double, top and bottom on servomotors.


Then they are made at the next machining center in PVC with steel: door handles, posts and dowels on a double dowel drilling station (100% frames without any loss of performance). This is another large machine that will increase productivity and reduce human factor at the stage of profile cutting and machining. Thanks to this next investment, DOBROPLAST not only increases the quality, but also the repeatability and precision of its products, which are confirmed by numerous awards, distinctions and certificates! Once again, the manufacturer confirms that their windows must be six! They combine modern technologies with an attractive appearance and the highest quality!

Soon another 10 machines will be in the next production plants in Poland.


Source: https://www.oknonet.pl/maszyny_obrobka_powierzchni/maszyny/news,28699.html?fbclid=IwAR3KR00i18xB6G_q3SRz-c2MNPLWpI5BhuUNqBpFrnHrRKnndJq1aEuv6nc


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