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NEWS TERMO PROFIL from Wodzisław Śląski automates production with URBAN Polska in difficult times
TERMO PROFIL from Wodzisław Śląski automates production with URBAN Polska in difficult times
Monday, 04 May 2020 13:02

Despite the ongoing turmoil associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have continued to grow and invest in increasing their capacity to help them return to normal once the pandemic is over.

One of those is a company - Silesian manufacturer of windows and doors, operating on the market for almost 30 years - the TERMO PROFIL factory from Wodzisław Śląski, where URBAN POLSKA has delivered, installed and launched 40th high-performance PVC cutting and steel machining center in Poland.

The actual capacity of the machine is 300 frames, 300 wings and 300 posts per 8 hour shift, with only two people operating. The TANDEM machine with a total length of 52 meters and an area of ​​approx. 200 m² (after 5 weeks from the time of delivery on 5 trucks) was started at the plant with the joint participation of 8 technicians from Poland and Germany and employees of TERMO PROFILE.

The construction of such a large, efficient and dedicated to the specific needs of this machine manufacturer took many months at the German factory of the SCHIRMER machine factory. Now, thanks to the automation of the process of cutting, processing and milling PVC profiles, it has been possible to significantly increase productivity in these areas, while moving (not releasing!) the crew to other production areas.

The TANDEM cutting and machining center performs the following operations simultaneously, in different places, so that the so-called "Bottleneck", and the process could run smoothly and without interference:

»All machining on PVC profiles without steel using the ORBIT 8-axis machining module (patented by Schirmer) on two half-orbits - simultaneously on both sides of the profile;

»Cutting profiles using a three-disc cutting module on servos in the range of 45 ° -90 ° -45 °. Cutting profiles at + 45 ° and -45 ° in one feed simultaneously;

»Two opposite three-axis milling stations at the transversal buffer, used for milling gaskets and ends of pillar profiles, each working independently on the opposite side to achieve the assumed efficiency - it is especially important when milling gaskets [in an 8-hour shift it can be up to 10 000 milled gaskets while maintaining the efficiency of 300 frames (1 gasket on both sides) + 300 wings (3 gaskets on both sides)]

»Moving machined and cut profiles with the help of" intelligent "and dynamic buffer for 28 profiles, automatically and regardless of the bars transports profiles between internal machining centers (modules);

»Steel positioning device inserted into the PVC profile before screwing the reinforcement - insertion depth up to 200 mm in the X axis;

»Four high-performance electric reinforcement screwdrivers, double from above and below, torsion steel reinforcements with PVC profiles;

»Second 3-axis machining center for PVC and steel machining - the machining is divided into two stages in two different areas;

»Printing labels for profiles;

»Transporting profile waste and chip extraction from cutting and milling areas, with the help of an internal chip extraction system;

»Set of 10 linear drives transporting profiles with grippers (pliers); used for both transporting and positioning profiles, while the upper surfaces of the profiles are always optimally protected by a special gripping technique on the side of the profile. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to transport almost all profiles, but also to process these profiles regardless of the pneumatic clamping technique. Several transport tongs work one after the other in accordance with the "hand-in-hand" principle and are therefore very efficient.

The URBAN Polska team wishes all employees of TERMO PROFIL a lot of gladness and satisfaction from working on a new machining and cutting center, increasing productivity and quality of work as well as strengthening their position on national and European markets. Thanks also for the trust.


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